Address Change

Garry Rogers

Garry Rogers

Blog Address Change

Please make note of a change in the AFOSA Wildlife Blog address.  New articles on our native wildlife are appearing at  Please subscribe to that site to continue following local wildlife stories.  You’ll get samples of my new ecofiction novel too!

This website will stay open for now.

Arizona Wildlife Update

Arizona’s native wildlife is disappearing.  The state’s rapid population growth has eliminated habitats, spread toxic wastes, and introduced invasive species.  The Arizona Game & Fish Department reports that more than half of Arizona’s native species have become imperiled.  Adding to the problem, the drought gripping the state is combining with the human impacts to overwhelm wildlife, pushing many species toward extinction.

Coming Up

Over the next few months, I will post updates at on the status of Arizona native birds, mammals, turtles, and other species groups.  There will also be more articles on the issues facing wildlife.

As always, your comments and suggestions are welcome.  Thank you.


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