Black-Hawk Has A Busy Day

Wildlife Notes from Coldwater Farm

Common Blackhawk

Common Blackhawk

At noon today the Black Hawk nesting in the Cottonwood grove back of the stock ponds flew over chasing a Red-tailed Hawk.  Sorry I missed filming the hawk, but he was moving low and fast when he passed me.  Minutes later the Black-Hawk shot by hot on the tail of a Green-backed Heron. There’s probably much more going on that I don’t see.  Click for more on this Black Hawk.

Other events for April:

  • The first bullfrog bellow (4/30).
  • The pair of Gray Foxes has moved on.
  • A solitary javelina stopped in.
  • Longest tailed Tiger Swallowtail (Papillo multicaudata) I’ve ever seen (4/29, 30).  Tails last only a few days.
Tiger Swallowtail

Tiger Swallowtail

Bird Arrivals:

  • The first nesting attempt by grackles (too noisy, they get chased off every spring).
  • Belted Kingfisher
  • Black-headed Grosbeak.
  • Black Phoebe (Three for the lawns, and several for the ponds).
  • Lesser Goldfinch (not the occasional winter visitors, a real flock).
  • Summer Tanager.
  • Lazuli Bunting.
  • Western Kingbird.
  • Yellow-breasted Chat (with a new call that sounds like my cat meowing at the door).
  • Yellow Warbler.
  • And more that I glimpse briefly here and there.

More on Birds:

  • Only two ducks and four American Coots remain, down from 200 in January.
  • The Barn Owl was out early yesterday evening (4/29).  I was glad to see him.  Two weeks ago a large tree blew down frightening both the owl and me.  Glad he stuck around.
Barn Owl

Barn Owl



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