To My Readers: My New EcoFiction Novel

Dear Readers,

1-IMG_3661This blog focuses on wildlife conservation.  While writing and posting notices about wildlife I have worked on a novel with an underlying nature conservation theme.  The novel uses the theme as the matrix for action, adventure, danger, and romance.

The novel takes place on an Earth where intelligence evolved long before humans appeared.  Genes, memes, intelligence and social evolution are foremost forces for nature conservation.  Through them, the novel’s underlying theme catalyzes the conflicts and constrains the characters.  I don’t think this explains why characters in the story like humor so much , and why they often give humor precedence over other elements of social interaction.  Everyone thinks he is . . . .

Some of the new posts appearing here will describe the novel’s contents and characters.  There will be guest posts and interviews of authors of similar works, and there will be posts about the mechanics of writing and publishing a novel.  Posts on wildlife will continue to appear.

Print and e-book versions of the novel will be available in a few weeks.  I hope you will read the story and recommend it to the readers you know.

Rating: This is science fiction without sex or profanity.  There are some violent scenes and a few bad jokes.

Thank you.


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