Wolf hunt stand-off in Sweden heightens rural tensions

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Karlstad, Sweden (AFP) Feb 15, 2014 – Farmers and hunters in Sweden are crying foul over a wolf hunt ban which they say threatens their way of life and may lead to civil disobedience.

Garry Rogers‘s insight:

Thanks Kevin Franck for this story.

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7 thoughts on “Wolf hunt stand-off in Sweden heightens rural tensions

  1. The hunters threaten with illegal hunting! The wolf issue in Sweden is very inflammatory. It’s not only about wolf hatred it’s about rural communities vs. urbanites.
    One hunter told me , I don’t dislike the wolves I hate the NGOs.

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    I for one, certainly don’t buy the arguments presented by farmers and hunters in the heated wolf debate. For all I care their beliefs are outdated and self-serving in a country that easily can sustain them all due to the vast pieces of wilderness. I’m glad that the Eurpean Commission interfered with the earlier plans of a cull and stopped them dead in their tracks. Way to go EU!!

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