Sumatrans Suffer a Terrible Loss

There are no more than 100 Sumatran Rhinos left in the wild. To say they are critically endangered is an understatement. The Cincinnati Zoo has been the world leader in successful captive breeding …

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2 thoughts on “Sumatrans Suffer a Terrible Loss

  1. Once again we see the lies of zoos around the World, that state that captive breeding programs are for conservation purposes. As stated by Dr Luke Hunter, President Of NGO Panthera, as well as a IUCN Reintroduction Group Specialist, reinroduction programs fail. It’s basically only the Californian Condor that has succeeded to be reinroduced into the wild.
    We can only remember the tragedy of the Prewalski horses, that were reintroduces into the wild , that all died due to harsh winter conditions.

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    • My most tragic local examples are the attempted re-locations of Pronghorn Antelope to make way for housing developments. In unfamiliar habitats the small herbivores are easy prey for any and all predators including human hunters that are still being allowed to kill them.



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