I Didn’t Care About Climate Change Until I Visited Greenland

I was speechless.  At the end of the Greenland journey, we all wanted to commit to doing something. No one person alone can convince governments to price carbon, or industries to move towards cleaner practices and reduce carbon pollution. The question is: can we do something that has a measurable positive impact? In my case, as an oceanographer and explorer, I will try to help protect as much as the sea as possible from fishing and pollution, so that ocean life can be more resilient against the effects of global warming. I leave it up to you to think about what you are willing to do.

Source: www.businessinsider.com

GR:  Human impacts are so massive and pervasive that “reasonable” compromises have no effect.  This story is about greenhouse gasses and global warming.  Other stories about plastic in the oceans, pesticides on the land, and our bulging population’s growing need for building, burning, cutting, fishing, grazing, hunting, and plowing are also untouched by “reasonable” compromises.  We need to redefine our compromises to identify effective vs. acceptable solutions.  It is nonsense to let special interests such as the oil/coal industry define reasonable solutions.  After all, corporations can’t vote.

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1 thought on “I Didn’t Care About Climate Change Until I Visited Greenland

  1. For my part I will do what is to my scope to keep on helping to take care of the Environment, encouraging, educating and explaining to the children on importance and responsibility of each one in the process



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