Human Cost of Animal Testing

Extensive research shows that animal testing is inaccurate and unnecessary.  This post documents the high human death rate for medications tested on animals.

Emily Moran Barwick:  “In earlier posts, we’ve looked into the scientific inefficacy of animal testing and how it has failed to produce any useful results for humanity. We’ve also taken a look into why  the drug industry continues using animal testing even though it doesn’t work.

“Today we’ll address yet another absurdity of animal testing: it not only doesn’t help but actually harms and often kills humans. This is the most perverse aspect of the animal testing debate: it’s actually dangerous and fatal for humans, the very species the researchers claim to be doing all of this madness for.

Animal testing“Maybe you don’t give a shit about animals, and don’t really care as long as humanity is benefiting…well, animal testing is still something that you should oppose!  Watch the video to see why.”

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