The Slow-Motion Train Wreck of Industrial Civilization

“Human limitations and ignorance are causing Earth’s environment to deteriorate, species to go extinct, and climate to become inhospitable.” Sounds like radical talk until you see that the most respected scientists and news media are saying the same things. You might once have considered the discussion in this post quite radical, but now I think you will find that it simply gives an articulate insight to our new reality.

Collapse of Industrial Civilization


The linear thinking that has dominated Western civilization since the Enlightenment has become a death trap for mankind in the 21st century. The dynamic system of the Earth’s biosphere with its many interconnected parts interacting in complex and unpredictable ways is clashing with modern man’s linear, sequential, and reductionist frame of thought for solving problems. Technical fixes only act as bandaids to the inherent flaws of global techno-capitalism. Time lags and feedbacks set in motion by industrial civilization’s rampant consumption of natural resources will extend over centuries and into deep geologic time. Ignoring the various environmental and social warnings at our own peril, we neither fully understand nor comprehend the consequences of our unsustainable way of life. The laws of physics and chemistry are indifferent to such human tragedy.

Institutional changes required to deal with complicated problems such as climate change move at a sloth’s pace, and the transition to new…

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