Will there be a ‘hostile takeover’ of western public lands?

Would states manage land better than the feds? The choice is for the better of two evils. Federal management is biased toward land abusers (e.g., welfare-ranchers), but at least the federal government has a difficult time selling off public lands. Not a problem for the states where public land is often sold to developers. Developers do not take care of the land. Moreover, the lands the states retain and manage gets even less care than the federal lands. So, let’s keep the public domain public by keeping it under federal management.

Summit County Citizens Voice

klj Federal lands in the U.S. Courtesy Univ. of Montana.

New website offers glimpse of ongoing efforts to ‘de-federalize’ the West

Staff Report

FRISCO — On and off efforts to force the transfer of federally managed public western lands to individual states have grown beyond campaign rhetoric.

These days, there’s a semi-organized effort on the part of lawmakers in several western states to try and take over millions of acres of forests and rangelands. The history of the so-called Sagebrush Rebellion, with roots in the Reagan era, is outlined in detail on this University of Colorado website.

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