NASA: October 2014 Tied For Hottest on Record

At the same time we have developers wiping out habitat, we have the progress machine spewing out smoke and toxic waste. It’s as if we humans have made a careful analysis and found every possible move we can make to damage our environment.


October 2014 Hottest on Record

(October was again a global temperature record setter. Image source: NASA.)

NASA’s monthly global temperature analysis is in and the results are once again record-making. For according to NASA’s global monitor, world temperatures were 0.76 degrees Celsius above the Earth average for the mid 20th Century.

This high temperature departure ties 2005 for hottest in NASA’s 136 year record. A temperature level that global ice core data points toward being hotter than at any time in the past 400,000 years. A record hot month in a string of record hot months for 2014. A resurgence to record high marks amidst an unprecedented spate of rising temperatures that has lasted now for more than a century running.

Global land ocean temperature index

(Global temperatures have risen by more than 1 degree C above their low mark at the start of the 20th Century. It is a human-driven pace of warming 15-20 times faster than at…

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1 thought on “NASA: October 2014 Tied For Hottest on Record

  1. NASA has 136 years records?! WOW!
    2] 0,76C warmer… with 6000 thermometers, they can tell precise temp to one hundereth of a degree…?! another WOW! The planet is a gig place brothers – the temp is not same as in human body; when is 0,5C warmer under the armpit = the whole body is warmer by that much. not with the temp on the planet, where is different on every 100m3, and changes independantly. Nobodsy knows what was lasr year’s temp, to save his life; they talk about 136y ago… ”Easrth’s Self Adjusting Mechanizam” (ESAM) is briliant

    Robert Scribbler is the biggest conman in the Warmist Organized Crime (WOC) here’s the ptoof:



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