Under-the-Radar Environmental Stories for 2015: The Furtive Five

Between crazy weather, international events, and global agreements, 2014 was a year in which climate change took center stage. Whether it was a catastrophic drought in California, accelerated ice melting in Antarctica, or even record-breaking heat disrupting the Australian Open, the impacts of climate change are being felt around the world—and people are starting to take notice.

As we begin the new year, however, there are a number of stories slipping past the public eye that are worth highlighting. Five stand out.

–Siberia’s Natural Resources—Exploited without Scrutiny

–A New Grand Canal

–The Smog of Iran

–The Brazilian Amazon—Is It Really on the Upswing?

–Environmental reporting on the upswing?

Source: voices.nationalgeographic.com

GR:  I have to add –Population and –Invasive species.  There were some reports in 2014, but the serious nature of these environmental problems should  have generated much more thought and commentary.


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