Yellowstone: a Dangerous Place—for Bears

We must change our attitude toward wildlife. We shoot and poison for our convenience with little regard for the ecosystem consequences. We also need to update our views on population. Let’s hope that the Pope will get serious about population next.

Exposing the Big Game

Text and Wildlife Photography©Jim Robertson Text and Wildlife Photography©Jim Robertson

Much has been speculated since the Yellowstone employee was recently found partially consumed by a bear and her two cubs. For example, it can’t be known for certain that the popular bear nicknamed “Blaze” was the one who caused his death—teeth and claws do not leave fingerprints. Likewise, the bear’s motive for killing can’t be known for sure either. Sometimes humans just die easily. According to a recent article in the Washington Post, entitled, “Forget bears: Here’s what really kills people at national parks,” folks are far more likely to die of drowning, car accident, a fall, suicide, pre-existing condition, heat or cold exposure than by wildlife (which is last on the list in descending order).

But the motive for killing the bear was pretty clear: an eye for an eye. This was an act of revenge. You don’t kill a human in…

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