Starved Dead Birds Are Washing Up On Alaska Beaches, And No One Knows Why

“Seabird die-offs in Alaska are natural events, but the massive rate of starved dead birds washing ashore this month is as puzzling as it is unprecedented.
“Two weeks ago an estimated 8,000 murres were found laying dead by David Irons, a retired seabird biologist from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. “I never thought I would see that many dead birds on one beach,” Irons told ThinkProgress.
“It’s fair to say that that’s never been recorded before,” said Rob Kaler, a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service seabird biologist, in an interview with ThinkProgress.”

GR:  There have been numerous unusual die-offs in recent years.  The best guess is that the death’s are related to shifting weather and food sources brought about by global warming.

10 thoughts on “Starved Dead Birds Are Washing Up On Alaska Beaches, And No One Knows Why

  1. Yes, I agree. Homo sapiens is in such massive denial, that as this die-off worsens, we will still be “rationalizing” our way around these symptoms of a planet now in Hospice mode.


  2. You’re right. Plus, people have short memories. They will adapt to changing conditions so quickly that they will feel unsure the changes are actually occurring. As long as someone they accept as an authority denies the changes, they will go along.


  3. Of course we should hear the news, and of course we should do everything in our power to change the dreadful circumstances that we, man”kind” have created, as well as encouraging others to live lifestyles which are in closer harmony with nature and far less destructive. Being an active environmentalist as well an animal rights activist (and vegan) who works tirelessly daily to change the disgusting, self serving, apathetic ways of humans which have led us to this Anthropocene, I do believe my heart can continue to fall to the floor on occasion. Our work is difficult and it takes a tremendous toll on us.

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  4. It is truly sickening (not surprising though) how the greatest catastrophe to befall this planet is totally ignored. I took a look at the “debates” last night–just for nothing… This insane Denial was so evident: not a single word about environmental issues, no concern over Climate Disruption, etc. Nothing of any meaningful substance, just trivial nonsense. I have said this before: as things worsen, our species will be groveling at the edge of the world, dumbfounded, more violent than ever, looking up at the strange skies, mouths hanging open, as we plunge into The Dark, along with all the other life, innocent ones, flora/fauna, leaving a plundered, devastated Earth. If there is some kind of “God”–God Damn Us.

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  5. Our rare realization of the beauty around us or the conditions of other species has no impact on our behavior. Therefore, Rosemary I have to agree with your dark outlook for our future.



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