Nonhuman Rights Project

Animal testingGR:  This page on the Nonhuman Rights Project website has an interactive map that gives you information about each U. S. state’s laws and regulations for animals.

“Each of the 50 states has different laws and regulations concerning how the common law can be used and how it’s been interpreted by judges over the years.

“Here at the Nonhuman Rights Project, our team of attorneys, legal experts and volunteer law students have been working their way through each of the states to see how our key arguments might fare.

At the same time, the science team has been researching the situation of nonhuman animals – especially chimpanzees, elephants and cetaceans (whales and dolphins) – being held in captivity, to help in the selection of our first plaintiffs.

“In this section of the website, we give a brief report on the legal situation in each state, along with a few examples of animals we might select as plaintiffs.”  From:

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