Batteries on a Game Changing Curve

GR.–What lovely curves ;-).

Joe Romm at ClimateProgress.–“Low-cost, high-performance electric batteries are a game changer for the two key clean energy sectors: power generation and transportation. They enable much greater adoption and penetration of both renewable energy and electric vehicles — not just electric cars but electric buses and electric planes.

“Since lithium-ion batteries have only just crossed the key price point for enabling widespread usage in both sectors — $300 per kilowatt-hour — we are really just at the beginning of the battery-driven clean energy revolution.

“Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) projects that over the next 25 years, small-scale battery storage will become a $250 billion market. They “expect total behind-the-meter energy storage to rise dramatically from around 400 MWh in today to nearly 760 GWh in 2040″ — nearly a 2,000-fold increase!

“BNEF makes the case we’ve crossed a similar tipping point for electric car batteries in this new chart, above.”  Continue reading:  Batteries on a Game Changing Curve | Climate Denial Crock of the Week


2 thoughts on “Batteries on a Game Changing Curve

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