Endangered Namibian ‘desert lion’ shot dead

GR.–This happened last Sunday.  Another example of the inevitable fate of wildlife as the hungry human population expands.

News24 Correspondent.–“Windhoek – One of a group of five well-known desert-adapted lions in northwestern Namibia has been shot dead, likely by a disgruntled farmer, conservation groups say.

“Harry died of a bullet to the chest on Sunday morning, the Desert Lion Conservation group said on its website.

“Harry was one of the “Five Musketeers”, a group of brothers who together roam the harsh remote areas of northwestern Namibia.

“With thicker coats and an ability to survive for much longer periods without water than other lions, desert lions are a famed but endangered group. Farmers readily hunt and poison them because they prey on cattle and livestock. Last year there were reported to be only 150 desert lions left.”  Continue reading: Endangered Namibian ‘desert lion’ shot dead – Conservationists | News24


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