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GR.– As Radford points out in the article, animals are last on the list of concerns of those wanting to leave the EU.  They are always last.  The British voters want to break the oligarch’s control over their fortunes, but brexit will increase it.  Neither Britain or the EU is effective with nature conservation, but the EU is definitely better than what the brexiteers want.  A petition that you can sign is linked to Radford’s post.

brexitPam Radford (Animalista Untaimed).–

From an animal rights perspective an independent Britain is worrying

“As the pound plummets, billions are wiped off the stock market, the PM resigns, the political parties are in disarray, Scotland looks to leave the UK, and Europe itself looks set to crumble, to many it might seem trivial to say “What about the animals?” But not to me, not to us.

“So what has Europe done for our animals? The EU has some of the highest animal welfare standards in the world and these are a few of its achievements over the last few years –

  • “In 2012 it banned battery caged hens and
  • “In 2013 sow stalls that cruelly restricted movement, both identified as the worst excesses of factory farming. Millions of farmed animals got a better quality of life
  • “Farming subsidies from the EU enable farmers to uphold higher welfare standards and provide protections for the environment
  • “The EU enacted strict rules to ensure animals are given regular rest, food and drink when being transported, and since 2015, this also applies to journeys that continue outside the EU
  • “The EU ended the use of great apes in animal testing
  • “The EU banned the sale of any cosmetic products that have been tested on animals
  • “The EU is at the forefront of the fight against wildlife crime, contributing millions to protection schemes for elephants, for example, and setting up training and anti-poaching patrols
  • “Last year the EU’s crime-fighting body Europol took an active part in the largest ever international operation against wildlife crime, making over 200 arrests and seizing live animals and animal body parts
  • “In March this year the EU set out a comprehensive EU action plan to crack down on wildlife trafficking
  • “Influential organisations such as the Eurogroup for Animals have access to lobby on behalf of animals at the highest level in Brussels for better protections Europe-wide

“So what will animals lose?”  Continue reading: Brexit – the Animals’ View – Animalista Untamed


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