Britain Succumbs to Fear — Europe Shattered by Deteriorating Physical and Political Climate | robertscribbler

GR.– Climate experts are beginning to stop telling us that burning fossil fuel will cause global warming and that we must stop.  Now they are beginning to offer suggestions on how to deal with global warming.  It’s too late to avoid some of the consequences; we’ve past the point where stopping burning fossil fuels would avoid the catastrophes.

RobertScribbler.–“In Central India, during 2016, millions of farmers who have lost their livelihoods due to a persistent drought made worse by climate change are migrating to the cities. The climate change induced monsoonal delays and ever-worsening drought conditions forced this most recent wave of climate change refugees to make a stark choice — move or watch their families starve.

“It’s a repeat of a scene that happened in Syria during 2006 through 2010, but on a much larger scale. A scene that will repeat again and again. In Bangladesh and the other low lying coastal and delta regions of the world, hundreds of millions will be uprooted by sea level rise. In the US Southwest, India, Africa, South America, the Middle East and Southern Europe hundreds of millions more will be uprooted by drought. All because we, as a global civilization, failed to work together to halt fossil fuel burning soon enough and prevent a temperature increase great enough to wreck cities, states, and regions and to start to destabilize human civilization.

(In India, water sources like this Punjab well and major rivers are running dry. Climate change is melting glaciers in the Himalayas even as it is helping to delay the seasonal monsoon. As a result, millions of farmers have lost their livelihoods and are migrating to the cities. It’s a situation similar to what occurred in Syria, but one that is likely to ultimately produce a much larger wave of migrants. Will we, as a global community, do all we can to help and welcome these migrants? Will we provide the systems of global and national equality that are necessary to achieve this result? Or will we fear them, allowing such fear to have a deleterious effect on our various political systems as occurred in Britain last week? Image source: Commons.)  Continue reading:  Britain Succumbs to Fear — Europe Shattered by Deteriorating Physical and Political Climate | robertscribbler



2 thoughts on “Britain Succumbs to Fear — Europe Shattered by Deteriorating Physical and Political Climate | robertscribbler

  1. I think Mr Scribbler’s view of Brexit is a little bit simplistic. I voted Remain, but I do understand why people voted for Brexit. It was in large part a vote of the underprivileged protesting against austerity and the political elite – the establishment in general, self-regarding London. Mr Scribbler should visit somewhere like Sunderland, poor, downtrodden, depressed, depressing. As for anti-immigration feeling, again, I believe, a protest vote against Mr Cameron who promised to bring figures down to 10s of thousands and did nothing to stop them reaching 1/3 of a million. A country small in area like the UK cannot sustain an increase of a 1/3 million people annually. It is not racist to be concerned about the strain this puts on our already struggling health service, schools, transport, roads, housing and all the rest of our infrastructure. My particular worry is the pressure on our green spaces and our wildlife. Interesting article nonetheless.

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