Times like these remind us…


Jayden, 12, of Rayne, Louisiana, pictured with her mother, Cherri Foytlin.

Obama Administration Ignores Global Warming

“Ironically and sadly, this past weekend, Jayden, a plaintiff asking the federal government to take real action on climate change, experienced first hand what the National Weather Service has called a 1,000 year flood. At least 13 were killed, and an estimated 20,000 had to be rescued as a result of this climate generated catastrophe. Yesterday, Jayden and her family addressed the damage to their own home, pulling up carpet and throwing away their destroyed belongings.

“Unbelievably, next Wednesday, August 24th, the Obama administration will auction off an area the size of Virginia for offshore drilling in the Gulf of Mexico, further exacerbating the climate crisis. Adding insult to injury, the auction will be held in Jayden’s backyard, at the New Orleans Superdome — the site of one of the most visible and tragic instances of climate injustice in history after Hurricane Katrina.

“Globally, Moscow had its worst rains in more than 100 years on Sunday. On that same day in the Philippines, a tornado ripped through downtown Manila as two landslides took out homes in the hills of San Mateo. The Blue Cut Fire that ignited Tuesday morning in San Bernardino County, California forced the evacuations of over 80,000 residents, just a day after another wildfire in northern California demolished an entire town just north of San Francisco. In Portugal, 286,600 acres of forestland have been charred by wildfires this year alone. In fact, July was by far the hottest month in recorded history.” –Source: Times like these remind us…

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