Planet at the Crossroads

GR:  The short-term focus of our news media reflects the short-term focus of news consumers.  Reporters often omit critical elements of a story in order to meet the need for brevity.  For instance, an NPR story yesterday gave a glowing report on an unexpected discovery of a great new oil reservoir in west Texas.  At a time when most of our scientists are on the verge of losing hope for the survival of our civilization due to greenhouse gas production, it would seem that the danger implicit in a major Texas oil discovery should have been mentioned in the story.  But no.  The story below covers the brevity problem quite well.

From Animalista Untaimed:  “The ecosystems that underpin our economies, well-being and survival are collapsing. Species are becoming extinct at unprecedented rates. Our climate is in crisis. And it’s all happening on our watch.”

“The Rio Olympics went out in a blaze of colour. The Para-Olympics are off to a spectacular start, in no way diminished by the booing of Brazil’s new president, and a pro-Russia demonstration by Belarus athletes at the Opening Ceremony. And yet another four-yearly summer event is drawing to a close right now in the southern hemisphere – the World Conservation Congress Hawaii Sep 1st – 10th 2016

“The what? Who knew? Have we had so much as a whiff of this in the news? Considering the Congress is bringing people together “to discuss and decide on solutions to the world’s most pressing environment, climate and development challenges” – in other words, matters of supreme importance to the fate of Planet Earth, the health of its land and oceans, the survival of its flora and fauna (which are facing the 6th Mass Extinction), and of the human race itself – the media appear to have greeted the event with an almost deafening silence.

“While those other two events, held for (comparatively speaking) the entirely frivolous purpose of establishing who can run, cycle or swim fastest, and jump furthest or highest, are splashed across the headlines day after day. Little wonder the Earth is in such a sorry state.

“OK, so let’s fill in the blanks.” –Continue reading:  Animalista Untaimed.

Source: Planet at the Crossroads – Animalista Untamed

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