Making a Difference for California Sea Otters – Defenders of Wildlife Blog

GR:  Each bit we contribute is worthwhile.“After tragedy struck this past summer, Defenders is doing all we can to make sure it doesn’t happen again

“This summer, Mr. Enchilada – a beloved sea otter that was frequently sighted by tourists — was fatally struck while crossing Moss Landing Road in Monterey, California. We chronicled this devastating loss and our efforts to ensure that other otters avoid this fate in our blog. We’ve been working hard to make sure sea otters don’t suffer more losses like Mr. Enchilada’s, and we wanted to share an update with you!

“Sea otters have used culverts, or tunnels, under Moss Landing Road to move between Moss Landing Harbor and Moro Cojo Slough when they are foraging for food. Floodgate covers on the culverts under the road open and shut between these two places. When the floodgate covers are closed, sea otters must get out of the water and cross Moss Landing Road to move between these two areas. Unfortunately, this road is busy and it is difficult to spot sea otters crossing the road.

How Sea Otters Survive at Moss Landing© Gena Bentall

“After Mr. Enchilada died, Defenders of Wildlife started working with Monterey County, government wildlife managers and local groups to create solutions for the safety of beloved sea otters. We’re happy to report that we have made a lot of progress.”

Source: Making a Difference for California Sea Otters – Defenders of Wildlife Blog


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