Justice (Just Us) Democrats New Executive Director

Justice Democrats Appoint Bernie Sanders Campaigner as Executive Director

Saikat Chakrabarti from the Bernie Sanders campaign is the new Executive Director of Justice Democrats.  Meet him and learn more about Just Us structure and goals in this video:

Other members of Bernie’s team are joining Just Us.  With plans to take over Congress without corporate money, Justice Democrats are thinking big. They are actively seeking candidates that accept Bernie Sander’s ideals. Go to their website (https://justicedemocrats.com) sign up, and nominate the people you think will work hard to represent the true needs of Americans.

I would also appreciate your comments on my suggested addition to the Just Us platform. I haven’t had a response from the group yet, but it’s early. I am hopeful that when the staff has time, they will fully agree that protecting biodiversity and natural systems is necessary.

This link will take you to Saikat’s profile on LinkedIn.


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