The “I Hate Politics” Post

I Am Disappointed!

GR having to leave Freight Train behind and go to church.

GR having to leave Freight Train behind and go to church.

Justice Democrats is almost a mirror image of Our Revolution. They both claim to have staff from Bernie Sanders’ campaign, their platforms are similar, and they want to take back Congress with candidates that will reject corporate funding and so forth. So far, neither exhibits much awareness of Nature Conservation issues beyond Climate Change. There are other groups pursuing similar goals, but so far, these seem the most substantial.

Having two progressive groups with the same goals, competing for the same money, and possibly competing for the same voters is unfortunate. What happens if they both run a candidate for a particular office?  Will that split the progressive vote and make a Republican win more likely?

Perhaps I am mistaken in my assessment of these groups.  Here are the links; see for yourself. Please point out my mistake.

Our Revolution

Justice Democrats


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