Dams could permanently damage Amazon

GR: Deforestation on the land and dams on the river are eating away at the Amazon rainforest ecosystem.

EDGARGO LATRUBESSE Image caption The Amazon basin is the largest and most complex river system in the world (Edgargo Latrubesse)

Dams Threaten Amazon Ecosystem

“The Amazon basin could suffer significant and irreversible damage if an extensive dam building programme goes ahead, scientists say. Currently, 428 hydroelectric dams are planned, with 140 already built or under construction. Researchers warn that this could affect the dynamics of the complex river system and put thousands of unique species at risk. The study is published in the journal Nature.

“The world is going to lose the most diverse wetland on the planet,” said lead author Prof Edgargo Latrubesse, from the University of Texas at Austin, US.

Cascading problems for the Amazon

The Amazon basin covers more than 6.1 million sq km, and is the largest and most complex river system on the planet. It has become a key area for hydroelectric dam construction. But this study suggests that the push for renewable energy along the Amazon’s waterways could lead to profound problems. The international team of researchers who carried out the research is particularly concerned about any disruption to the natural movement of sediment in the rivers. This sediment provides a vital source of nutrients for wildlife in the Amazon’s wetlands. It also affects the way the waterways meander and flow. –Rebecca Morelle (Dams could ‘permanently damage Amazon’ – BBC News).

4 thoughts on “Dams could permanently damage Amazon

  1. I don’t comment often but always appreciate the information that you share. When I ponder ‘choices’ like this one, I wonder, ‘How can anyone with the tiniest amount of intelligence, not realize how this backfires?’ Recently discussing the deforestation and raping of the resources I mentioned this to my Ecuadorian friends…’I’m witnessing the same horrid choices that other countries made hundreds of years ago… but egos just won’t look at the facts or bother to check the facts…’

    It hurts to witness, to try to make a difference.. like watching a horror movie and knowing ‘this is not going to end well.’

    Thank you, Garry, for all that you do.

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  2. Thank you for your comment. This movie will not end well. However, we may see more positive action during the next four to five years as atmospheric circulation grows crazy as ice-free days begin to multiply in the Arctic. My area is expecting record temperatures over the next few days. As the extremes grow, people will begin to insist that their elected representatives treat climate change for the emergency it is. Concerns for forests and rivers might then receive improved treatment. Watch this video to see if you agree: https://youtu.be/k9CMOL_iibs.


  3. I laughed when he told ‘us’ what to do with the second glass of water!! Drink it!
    Internet is slow here, and the video stopped about half way through and restarted.
    The ice cube in the water experiment would be a good one to share with friends at restaurant.. or with students…

    There are many conflicting sounds from construction so I will resume watching tonight when most people are sleeping…

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