Yellow-billed Cuckoos at Coldwater Farm, Arizona

Yellow-billed Cuckoos in the Willows Today

Yellow-billed Cuckoo by mdf

Yellow-billed Cuckoos (Coccyzus americanus) were calling from perches in the willows over my yard this morning. “Yellow-billed Cuckoos are slender, long-tailed birds that manage to stay well hidden in deciduous woodlands. They usually sit stock still, even hunching their shoulders to conceal their crisp white underparts, as they hunt for large caterpillars. Bold white spots on the tail’s underside are often the most visible feature on a shaded perch. Fortunately, their drawn-out, knocking call is very distinctive. Yellow-billed Cuckoos are fairly common in the East but have become rare in the West in the last half-century.” All About Birds, Cornell Lab of Ornithology.

I am delighted the birds are present. Ornithologists from the Arizona Game and Fish Department will census birds here this Saturday. Cuckoos along with the Southwest Willow Flycatchers are the principal reason for the visit. Both species are on the U. S. Endangered Species List. Felipe Guerrero saw a fledgling Cuckoo last summer, a sure sign of nesting and more permanent use of our habitat. However, nesting then might have been a single occurrence. Fingers crossed that Saturday’s census discovers nests for both species.


1 thought on “Yellow-billed Cuckoos at Coldwater Farm, Arizona

  1. Iona, me too.

    Some birds are secretive and known mainly by their calls. Others, such as the Eurasian Collard doves will take seeds directly from your hand. My father used to end his day sitting near a pond where wild ducks congregated. Two ducks, a Mallard and another that my dad said was a Surf Scoter (I thought it must be a hybrid) would come near and keep company with him. While I visited once, the two ducks waddled up and the Scoter came close enough for my father to stroke his back. Though he allowed this, the Scoter’s feathers vibrated intensely throughout.

    I’ve decided many birds and other wildlife will accept you if you have patience and time to sit and wait. Best of luck.




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