The Poison Papers – Documenting the history of pesticide hazards in the United States

GR: Many of the documents uncovered by the Poison Papers project have yet to be read. Here’s your chance to become an investigative reporter. Follow the link below to have direct access to the papers.

“The Poison Papers are a diverse set of internal memos, court depositions, and other documents detailing pesticide and chemical safety concerns of companies, government regulators, and their employees.” –PoisonPapers.Org.

Source: The Poison Papers – Documenting the history of pesticide hazards in the United States

4 thoughts on “The Poison Papers – Documenting the history of pesticide hazards in the United States

  1. Yes. There’s the information for everyone to read. Your mention of “poisonous kool-aid” reminded me of the Monsanto spokesman who had been saying Roundup was so safe he wasn’t afraid to drink it. During a television interview, the spokesman was offered a glass of Roundup. Well, of course he wouldn’t drink it. 🙂

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  2. Yes, I remember reading about that interview.

    It can be extremely difficult to pay attention to what’s going on around us and stay hopeful. I don’t want to sound negative or give the impression that I’m willing to give up fighting against the evil permeating modern society, but when you see what corporate executives of firms like Monsanto, Dow Chemical and Dupont Pioneer get away with on a regular basis it can cause serious mental anguish. They not only dump horribly dangerous chemicals down our throats and in our water and soil, they make billions of dollars a year doing it. And even get tax breaks. We pay on all levels. How there can be people who either don’t know these things or don’t care is astonishing to me.

    We need to continue educating the population at least until the day comes when enough people understand the consequences of allowing industry to regulate itself. I thank you for all you do in that endeavor.

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