Habitat loss threatens all our futures, world leaders warned

GR: I suppose that we all know what’s causing habitat loss. The human population has grown without limits and like bacteria in a petri dish, we are using up the Earth’s resources. The outcome was predicted long ago. Couple those predictions with the unexpected rapid intensification of climate change and you can see why our ultra rich citizens are hoping to find water on Mars and other planets. They hope to soon be saying, “So long and thanks for all the fish.” Of course, the rest of us can’t wait for the day that they all fly away in an Elon Musk version of the Golgafrinchan Ark Fleet Ship B.

“As a UN conference convenes to work out a new deal for protecting the planet’s biodiversity, the focus falls on the nations that are not attending.

“Amid the worst loss of life on Earth since the demise of the dinosaurs, the agenda at the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) in the Egyptian resort of Sharm el-Sheikh could hardly be more important, but the spirit of international collaboration appears to be as much at risk of extinction as the world’s endangered wildlife. The United States has never signed up and Brazil is among a growing group of countries where new nationalist leaders are shifting away from global cooperation.

“The two-week meeting of the CBD is its first in two years. It has always been the neglected sibling of its twin, the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. The two organisations were conceived amid great hope at the Rio Earth summit in 1992 but while the energy transition has attracted heads of state interested in billion-dollar renewable projects, the effort to save the natural world has been left to weak environment ministries, conservation NGOs and underfunded scientists” –Jonathan Watts. Habitat loss threatens all our futures, world leaders warned | World news | The Guardian

8 thoughts on “Habitat loss threatens all our futures, world leaders warned

  1. Thanks for staying on the beat, Garry.
    Where is sociology in this existential crisis? Seems to be nowhere – lots of talk, meetings, speeches, calls, plans, meetings squared – but not any indicator of any diminution of the stranglehold of global transnational fossil fuel capital and all of its derivatives.
    So what’s left to say, and keep saying?

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  2. Notabilia, good question. And where are the economists? The Catholic Church looked good for a while, but now they’re caught in their own failure. I guess that without denying the probability of deep darkness ahead, blind optimism keeps us talking.


  3. Economists? There is a branch devoted to endless exhumations of Karl Nostradamus-Marx, calling for the phantasm of “ecosocialism” as if all of the last two centuries of industrial modernity can be rolled up and sent back to the printers.
    The criminal enterprise known as the Catholic Church was just engaging in cross-washing with the anti-abortion fanatic Pope promoting some toothless beatified vision of the selfsame eco-vanity.
    But you’re not falling for it, and that helps the human project of coping with the Anthropocene.

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  4. This has been on the screen since you posted, and I am just finding time to read it. Oh. My. I read much of this to a friend who is visiting, as many of our views differ. This “the effort to save the natural world has been left to weak environment ministries, conservation NGOs and underfunded scientists” – ” makes an excellent closure.
    Perhaps a month spent w/me has helped, as the deforestation of my province is alarming and sickening. She ‘hung out’ of the window for half of my drive to the airport – snapping images of “Manabi Burning” — It’s heart wrenching, yet since I am a guest in this country, I have to be careful with what I state publicly. Good news is that my show that opened a week ago starts pretty and sweet and carefree, but the final images address deforestation, and it’s having the intended impact on the viewers. One younger friend stated, ‘It makes me want to cry. but we need this Lisa – everyone should see this.” Good news is that the Minister of Culture for the province viewed it w/me, and he now wants to visit where I live, speak more about my concerns.. he passed it on to the Vice Minister of Culture for the country, who attended an event at the same museum last Thursday….
    Feel free to delete this final paragraph, which was a ‘report from the outback’ .. most likely i will write the above post – for now am still gathering images and info….

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