How to Send a Finch Extinct

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Australia’s southern black-throated finch: Going, going …

This one caught my eye because it’s such a pretty bird, and because of the mindlessness with which Australia is letting human development drive it to extinction.

The state of Queensland and Australia’s federal government have allowed more than 1900 square miles of potential finch habitat to be cleared without anybody asking: Is this really a good idea? Almost 800 developments have been proposed and only one was turned down for its unacceptable impact on the finch, which has now vanished from 80 percent of its original habitat. Still in the works, five new coal mines in the last remaining high quality finch habitat.

It’s kind of amazing in a country that just this month is experiencing fish, wild horse, and bat die-offs  because of climate change.  (“Their brain just fries.“)

There’s a Senate hearing in Brisbane Friday on the…

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2 thoughts on “How to Send a Finch Extinct

  1. Australia, like the U. S. has trended toward a fascist government for several years. The power of developers, Corporatists, and Plutocrats is ascendant. Perhaps the strongest trend away from the people and toward fascism appeared when Tony Abbott became Prime Minister in 2013. My miniscule reading of Australian history indicates that by then, corporate and financial power had begun to dominate politics. The trend toward fascism continued under Malcolm Turnbull. It isn’t clear yet how Scott Morrison, the new Prime Minister will stand up to the financially powerful or will advance the fascist trend. The increasing impacts of global warming may provide opportunities for long-range planning and a trend back toward Capitalistic Socialism, with more tightly regulated free enterprise. This year is going to be interesting.



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