Sharing the Earth

Half for Nature

Dr. Helen Kopnina (photo: Springer Nature)

As we age and grow more familiar with our surroundings, the limits of the Earth begin to appear through the clouds of our experience and reactions. When I think of the Voyager Golden Records travelling into the Cosmos for the past 43 years, I wonder if some alien species will one day trace humanity’s greetings back to a barren planet no longer wrapped in life and promise. In the linked article, Helen Kopnina and her coauthors gracefully lay out the mutually beneficial path we must follow to save our planet’s life and ourselves.

Header photo:  College of Natural Resources, UC Berkeley.


6 thoughts on “Sharing the Earth

  1. I’d be for saving more of the natural world than half, but I fear we won’t even save half. More attention needs to be paid to reducing the human population as a start., but even having that conversation appears to be taboo.

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  2. Renee, I agree. And these aren’t issues that can be addressed solely in reaction. Extinction can’t be reversed and some physical problems will develop positive feedbacks. We need a set of protests of the police-brutality size to form and merge. Population, extinction, CO2, acidification. . . . How can we do this? Where’s the hope?

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  4. We had the protests when Greta Thunberg took the stage and sounded the alarm about climate change. Lots of press of course on the protests, but world leaders ultimately did absolutely nothing. Trust me, with the exception of a few states who are banning choke holds, these current protests will mostly fade away. I think however there might be hope for climate change and police brutality when Biden takes office at least in this country.

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