Painful to see how far from reality controlling growth really is.

Conventional economic logic hinges on a core assumption: Bigger economies are better, and finding ways to maintain or boost growth is paramount to improving society.

But what if growth is at best doing little to fix the world’s problems, and at worst fostering the destruction of the planet and jeopardizing its future?

That’s the radical message from the “degrowth” movement, which has spent decades on the political fringes with its warning that limitless growth needs to end. Now, after the pandemic gave people in some parts of the world a chance to rethink what makes them happy, and as the scale of change necessary to address the climate crisis becomes clearer, its ideas are gaining more mainstream recognition — even as anxiety builds over what could be a painful global recession.

By Julia Horowitz, CNN Business
Updated 12:31 AM EST, Mon November 14, 2022


1 thought on “Degrowth?

  1. It’s good you put a question mark after “degrowth,” and your opening line was very apropos. People need the truth – global CO2 emissions have done nothing but rise. Indulging in fantasies should not be our preoccupation in life. Enough bullshitting about what “we” can do in classroom theory.
    If you can’t deal with existing social reality and existing social power that it is vested in the megacorporations and mega-state actors, you are just re-enacting the fun but meaningless hippie lifestyle activism of the 60s. And there is no means, none at all, in wiping clean the slate of CO2 emissions.

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