COVID Vaccines and other Concerns

COVID Vaccines and other Concerns

I’ve been involved in arguments over COVID vaccine safety. The concerns might be valid, but they might not. Assessing the mountain of facts and opinions could take months or years. There are more worthy issues. Human population is too large, pollution of all kinds including CO2 mentioned in the linked article, is excessive, and wild plant and animal numbers are falling. Survival of Earth’s ecosystems is threatened, and this seems like a more important topic of conversation than the possible loss of a few humans because our public health system might be corrupt.

Phoenix, AZ. No Saguaro or Mesquite anymore.

2 thoughts on “COVID Vaccines and other Concerns

  1. I’m convinced that there are not enough regular citizens who care about this issue and you then have, of course, the deniers. People claim to care about the future for the children and grandchildren, and there are some that do, indeed. But is it enough and then how do you ever change corporate greed and their ability to buy politicians worldwide. It’s a runaway train and the end will not be pretty.

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