Time of Great Dying: Population Bomb Bursts, the End of Old-Growth Forests, and the Great Awakening

The campaign to maintain large old-growth forests is lost. What old forests remain are emasculated fragments of their former ecological and evolutionary brilliance. Earth’s old-growth forest heritage has been dismembered through logging, saturated in nitrogen, cleansed of large wildlife, and have become sources rather than sinks of carbon pollution.” –Dr. Glen Barry Continue reading

50th UN Session of Commission on Population & Development

Worth noting that the 50th session of the United Nations Commission on Population and Development is being dedicated to the relative distractions of aging and “population decline. The reason, of course, is that even the UN doesn’t want to talk about the overwhelming problem of continuing population growth. It would rather talk about making use of all those poor souls to further economic development and profit goals–the oxymoron of “sustainable development.” Continue reading