Trump administration will propose repealing Obama’s key effort to combat climate change

“We had a Clean Power Plan. What we’re getting is a Dirty Power Plan,” said David Doniger, senior attorney for climate and clean air at the Natural Resources Defense Council, adding that refusing to crack down on emissions could “leave tens of millions of Americans in greater danger from extreme weather and other climate impacts. And it will cause tens of thousands of early deaths and sicken hundreds of thousands more.” Continue reading

Humans experimenting with climate’s ‘playing nice’

“. . . human activities could be “tipping the climate into an intermediate period of climate changes…. We can face a climate change that happens just as fast as the financial crisis,” Steffensen says. In that case, agricultural activity worldwide could be adversely affected … “the weather will change, and it will not change back” quickly.” Continue reading

Scientists Fear Trump Will Dismiss Blunt Climate Report – The New York Times

The study examines every corner of the United States and finds that all of it was touched by climate change. The average annual temperature in the United States will continue to rise, the authors write, making recent record-setting years “relatively common” in the near future. It projects increases of 5.0 to 7.5 degrees Fahrenheit (2.8 to 4.8 degrees Celsius) by the late century, depending on the level of future emissions. Continue reading

75,000 Trees Donated So Far to ‘Trump Forest’ to Offset President’s Climate Destruction

GR: The name is acceptable since there will be no single place to name thus giving future visitors the wrong impression that Trump  contributed. “Environmental activists have created a worldwide reforestation project called “Trump Forest” to help offset the potential … Continue reading

What Happens as the Earth Warms and Climate Adjusts

[At 4C] Agricultural collapse pressure is very high. A number of regions including Europe, the U.S. West, China, large parts of Africa, India and many more are all likely to be well outside of growing temperature ranges at this time. Loss of 500 billion tons of carbon from the Arctic at 4 C over 500 years is probably possible at this time. Total annual carbon feedback is probably edging into a range of 1.5 billion tons per year from the Earth System. Continue reading

8 Ways to Sequester Carbon to Avoid Climate Catastrophe

“We’re traveling at high speed down a mountain in a car coming up to a hairpin turn, and it’s not so much a question of whether we hit the guard rail as to whether we can slow down enough, so that when we do we bounce off rather than catapult over it into oblivion.” –Klaus Lackner, Arizona State University (on controlling climate change). Continue reading

We Still Have Time to Restore Our Climate. But the Climate Time Bomb Is Ticking

“That point of no return has now arrived, and it is staring us in the face. If people fully understood how and why their families face a ruined world by mid-century, they would be demanding, with “hair on fire” urgency, If people really understood this truly existential crisis and the need for urgent action, they would be demanding that our political leaders scramble at full speed to restore the ice and, of course, to reduce our net CO2 emissions to zero.” –Alex Carlin Continue reading