Why delisting of grizzly bears is premature | The Extinction Chronicles

If you follow environmental politics, it is very clear why industries like the oil and gas industry, livestock industry and timber industry and the politicians they elect to represent their interests are anxious to see the bear delisted. Without ESA listing, environmentally destructive practices will have fewer restrictions, hence greater profits at the expense of the bear and its habitat. Continue reading

Glaciers Melting in Glacier National Park

“The poster child of the National Park Service for climate change is Glacier National Park,” said Jonathan Jarvis, director of the National Park Service. “Those glaciers are the ice-box storage facilities for downstream flow and cooling the environment for trout and other species. (Losing them) is going to completely change that environment.” Continue reading

“Hunter-Conservationists:” the Most Ridiculous Spin of the Century

Instead of making amends for the historic mistreatment of these sociable, benevolent souls [bison], twenty-first-century sport hunters want their chance to lay waste to them again–this time in the name of “tradition.” Continue reading

How should “Flathead National Forest 2.0” look?

Montana’s Flathead Forest is one of the most biologically diverse areas of our country, but it needs some work to become more effective for conservation.”In the northwestern corner of Montana just next to Glacier National Park sits the 2.4 million acre Flathead National Forest. It’s a part of the… Continue reading