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  1. Back Garry! Will be signing in every day. San Antonio is on the migratory path of the Painted Bunting on their way to Mexico. Think I captured one in a transmogrification of a photo I took at the McCay Museum Will email. Don’t have original. They look really tropical. You are tops! Love your site. Bright side of extinction? 20% will survive…biblically.

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  2. San Antonio: The Sin of Natural Omission. Natural selection must watch out for what should be there and is not there. Been In San Antonio one year. Lots of vegetation. But as of yet, I have had not one bug splatter on my window? What’s wrong with this picture?

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  3. Mounting evidence suggests that herbicides and pesticides applied to lawns, gardens, pastures, and crops are wiping out our insects. Pollinators of many species in addition to honey bees are declining. Guilty are we of gullibility and sloth.


  4. Dear Doctor Rogers, Congrats on having nearly half a million foks, worldwide, listening to your voice these last five years! Thank you for not just sitting around while our world goes to hell in the proverbial hand basket [or is that in the proverbial toxic waste dumpster?]
    You are loved and thought highly of, by us folks here in Texas..y’all! Yusefbaryeshua in San Antone.

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  5. Side note from Arizonan, transplanted to Texas: Over 2 million here in San Antone. German Lady who came to San Antonio in 1960…tells me that there were only 80,000 here forty years ago. If this is fact, no wonder there are no insects colliding with our windshields on the SA freeways [demolition derby?]. And very few birds for a newbie birder, even in the parks and newly constructed “gardens” alongside our freeways. Texas highways 410 and 151 are my first experience with freeways that post the number of fatalities on Texas roads . [yearly totals to date]. Believe as of April fools day…over 3-4 thousand deaths. Not counting casualties; just fatalities. Will double check this number and post tomorrow.
    Thanks again. An honor to fight along side y’all in this very Brutal, Civil War. We have met the enemy, and yes, it is us. JER

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