About Corr Syl the Warrior

Corr Syl the WarriorA science fiction novel by Garry Rogers

Book Details:

  • Title:              Corr Syl the Warrior (#CorrSyl)
  • Author:          Garry Rogers  (#GarryRogers:  email:  grogers@sigmaxi.net)
  • ASIN / ISBN:  B00CYT082U / 9781484989890
  • Publication:   Kindle:  May 22, 2013          Print:  May 27, 2013 (262 p.)
  • Genre:           Science Fiction, #EcoSciFi
  • Audience:      All ages 12 and up
  • Rating:           PG (some Violence)
  • Mood:            Optimistic, Intense, Humorous, Mild Romance
  • Press Kit:       http://wp.me/P26kDO-Jl
  • Purchase:      eBook, $3.99, Paperback $14.95Buy from Amazon Orange


Corr Syl the Warrior_FrontCover“A beautifully written YA novel that will captivate environmentalists and sci-fi fans of all ages.”  Kirkus reviews (starred review).  More reviews.

Corr Syl Synopsis

At 21 years old, Corr Syl wants nothing more than to catch the attention of Rhya Bright. Trained Tsaeb warriors, the two rabbit descendants are part of the same battle group, but they could not be further apart. Rhya is busy with her internship, while Corr’s position as the Council’s Agent makes him responsible for tracking down his childhood friend Allon Trofeld, charged with a most heinous crime: cannibalism of other Tsaeb. When the long-held peace of Earth is threatened by pollution and invasion from Humans, Corr’s leadership and Rhya’s knowledge of Human psychology draw the two closer as they race to find a solution that will leave Wycliff District—and the world—intact.

Wycliff District, Corr Syl's HomeTheir task will not be easy, as the Humans are far from leaderless. Backed by the International Coalition for Peace, every Human nation boasts an army of impressive might. Leading the nearby Humans is the Mountainview City Manager, Ivan Johns, who is being controlled by the wily black widow Lactella. Far away in Asia, another shadowy figure is pulling the strings. The most powerful man in the world, Aaron Li, tasks his companion Ya Zhōu with controlling the country openly though his position as Plenipotentiary of Foreign Affairs and secretly through his role as head of Li’s assassin order.

Corr and Rhya will have to draw upon the strength of all their companions, Human and Tsaeb alike, to defeat the Human invaders and leave behind a world worth saving. Corr Syl the Warrior is a tale of surprises, adventure, and the realization that nobility can be found in the most unexpected places.

About the Author, Garry Rogers

I wrote Corr Syl the Warrior between 2009 and 2013.  It was my first creative writing project, and I spent most of my time reading textbooks, and rereading my favorite stories.

My inspiration for the book was the deteriorating condition of the landscapes I studied while a graduate student at Arizona State University and the University of Utah.  Seeing native vegetation replaced by houses and invasive weeds, I wanted to react, to warn others about what was happening. While studying creative writing, I also studied biological conservation.  Some of the pieces I wrote are here.  I also began editorializing in a continuing series of blog posts.

The first draft of Corr Syl the Warrior was two-thirds story and one-third lecture.  Fortunately, perceptive editors managed to grab my collar and give enough of a shake to get me focused on the story, not the message.  The final draft was better.

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