Corr Syl the Warrior Reviews

Corr Syl Reviews

  • “A beautifully written YA novel that will captivate environmentalists and sci-fi fans of all ages”  —Kirkus reviews (starred review). 
  • “. . . full of imagination, creative and clever storytelling, and more pulse pounding adventure than you could ever imagine” —Writer’s Digest.
  • “Corr Syl the Warrior by Garry Rogers surprised me. From the book cover and the title I thought I was in for a sci-fi romp through the galaxy. Although that would have been fun I was much more entertained and brought to my senses with a touching story of Corr, a rabbit with super intelligence and his friend Rhya. I felt the communal sense of the animal kingdom from the up close observations of several other animal characters as Corr is introduced. In Garry’s book, what stands out are the feelings his characters evoke through their thoughtful and sapient actions” —Janice Shanks, Librarian.
  • “It is an outstanding book. It’s one of those books you get excited over; that have you turning to the next page and reading more, even if it’s two in the morning”  —MaryAnn for Amazon.
  • “Unique and highly original.  It drew me in and was difficult to put down”  —BozBozo for Goodreads. 
  • “I found it refreshing, extremely unique with funny, laugh-out-loud moments, too.  It’s targeted at YA, but anybody who enjoys hard fantasy will like this book.”  Louise Wise at 
  • “This is undeniably a commendable story, one that sci-fi and fantasy fans will definitely love and talk about for a very long time”  Lit Amri, Barnes and Noble for Readers’ Favorite.
  • “This is a very well written and entertaining read.  It is a unique story that you get caught up in.  This novel is also quite geographically diverse. Rogers uses his way with words to describe this land in a manner that you can see it in your mind’s eye.  Rogers has a large, well-developed cast of very diverse characters that stay clear and well defined throughout the novel. Rogers doesn’t keep himself to any particular age range. Everyone has a chance to prove themselves in this novel.”  —Pure Jonel for Amazon.
  • “There is really nothing more you can ask of a story than is found here in Corr Syl the Warrior. The pace is brisk and keeps you engaged, the characters are so believable that Lactella gives me the creeps long after I’ve finished, and I’ll be glad to find what Corr and Rhya are up against in the promised sequel”  —Paula H. for Amazon. 
  • “… a most unusual and interestingly told tale that elicits empathy for the characters as well as the conditions it describes.”  —John H. Manhold for Amazon.
  • “… sci-fi fans will be delighted and entertained by the pace and deep thought involved in this novel. A must for the serious sci-fi reader.”Bill Howard, Barnes and Noble for Readers’ Favorite.
  • “Part two was where the book really captured my interest with a very interesting and creative choice of villain.  I was hooked at this point and the story started to fall into place for me.  I started to notice a hint of humour in places and I found myself not wanting to put the book down”  —Chettsgeni for Amazon.
  • “It has cool action scenes and a few interesting side plots to go along with it.  I really like how the writer makes an effort to explain the science and the way the Tsaeb work as a society in a way that makes logical sense.  I really enjoyed this book.” 
  • “Engaging and entertaining, . . .this is more than just a story about a young warrior’s adventure but is also a reminder of how humans are abusing the environment.  This is a concern that has been expressed in very many ways but this one is certainly one of the most imaginative.” —Marie Beltran, Barnes and Noble for Readers’ Favorite.
  • “For a first novel, I have to say this book is as well written as any I’ve read, and I read a lot.  I liked it.”  —Truman Burgess Unpublished Review sent to author.
  • “An original story, great concept, I want more!  Rogers has developed an alternative Earth, where we are the invasive species!  An original approach to force the reader to evaluate how interconnected we are with everything alive on this planet.  Excellent presentation of the politics of conflict and a thorough understanding how even amongst like species there can be political agendas.  The book should be titled ‘Corr Syl the Negotiator and Strategist, Scientist, and Warrior’.  I read it in one sitting – I like that, when a book grabs hold of me, makes me see things from another perspective, makes me think – and then makes me want more when I put it down”  —Kristine Uhlman for Amazon.
  • “Garry Rogers has written a quite-wonderful book. I couldn’t put it down. So many interesting concepts and ideas are contained in this splendid book.  The author has shown he has great knowledge and Imagination. Some parts of this book have even kept me up into the night thinking about all the amazing Possibilities. Animals are definitely more intelligent than humans. And I am sure any ‘sentient beings’ as well as us humans could not wish for a more interesting and intriguing book.  My words could not do this amazing book Justice. All I can say, is that it is one of my favorite books of all time”  —Adam Hughes for Amazon.
  • The very opening paragraph of the novel catches you unawares and it only gets better as you get deeper into the story.  If you are tired of rehashed content and want something truly fresh and original, I don’t think you can go wrong with this book” —Lanka Roo for Amazon.
  • “Everyone read this book!! I read it in one sitting with a group of my friends. I am hoping the next book comes out soon.” –Judy Yang for NetGalley.

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