DAPL Protesters Digging In. Here’s What they Need

DAPL Protest Needs Winter Supplies

GR:  You can send supplies or cash to the DAPL protestors that will help them continue this winter.  Here’s the link for the DAPL GoFundMe site.

Looking for something for that hard to please relative?  Give them a card that says you have contributed to the DAPL protest.  Send supplies to:

Sacred Stone camp

P.O. Box 1011202

Main Street

Fort Yates, North Dakota  58538

“The dangers imposed by the greed of big oil on the people who live along the Missouri river is astounding. When this proposed pipeline breaks, as the majority of pipelines do, over half of the drinking water in South Dakota will be affected… It must be stopped. The people of the four bands of Cheyenne River stand with our sister nation in this fight as we are calling on all the Oceti Sakowin or Seven Council Fires to do so with our allies, both native and non native in opposing this pipeline.” –Joye Braun (Cheyenne River)

Here are supplies needed by indigenous activists at the DAPL pipeline protest site, from my friend Lee Sprague, a native activist who is on site:


  • Waterproof Lights, Portable Lights 1000+ Lumens, and batteries. To light triage, and work areas.
  • 20 under bumper White LED lights to light up Triage for Hypothermia, Rubber Bullet Wounds, tear gas burns on hands
  • Ear plugs with strings. For LRAD sound canons. It hurts.
  • Space blankets, hundreds.
  • Hand and Body Warmers
  • Portable Mr Buddy Heaters and green propane canisters.
  • Mittens, gloves, hats, blankets for hypothermia.
  • Ponchos, Waterproof outerwear
  • Gas masks, with replaceable cartridges. I went through 4 gas masks in one night.
  • Motorcycle helmets, full face shield for face protection
  • Hockey equipment
  • Firewood
  • Shin Guards
  • Standard R-13+ with backing. 4’x8′ 1 inch Blue or Pink Insulation panels.
  • Shingle nails, 1 1/2 inch, 2-5 lb boxes.
  • Small insulated. windows, easily framed, two square feet or less, ten of them, for our Winter shelter. New construction.
  • Heavy duty silver/brown tarps, 10×8 and 12×16.
  • 2-Winter Work Trucks, with plow, 4 wheel drive, trailer hitch. Crew Cab, 4 Doors. 4 Wheel Drive passenger van.
  • 2 Military Grade 6-10 person rubber boats, w/ 100 HP outboards.
  • 2 -16’+ Zodiac Boats.
  • 12 jet skis with trailers. 2 -10’x20′
  • Heavy duty carports, for rescue boat, and truck.

“Things will get worse, before they get better. Our people are committed to peaceful resistance. We need these items to help keep water protectors safe Winter conditions will be up to 20° below zero, with strong winds. We are not leaving. I am unable to answer all questions and comments at this time. Yes to all. We need help, we don’t know we need. People have brought items for us, we did not know we needed. We are facing sever winter conditions now, and in the future. The rivers and small ponds are icing up already. Most important, we need you, here at OCETI SAKOWIN for Thankiving Dinner.” –Chi miigwetch. 

Source: DAPL Protesters Digging In. Here’s What they Need | Climate Denial Crock of the Week

Sunday set: Eyes wide open – Summit County Citizens Voice

GR:  More from Summit County Citizens Voice.

“The Summit Voice Sunday Set is set aside for scenic landscape shots or nature photo essays, which is usually a nice break from the previous week’s news. But today we have a public service announcement instead. Travel as we know it is threatened by a rising tide of right-wing, nationalistic populism around the world.

“Living in the new political post-factual, post-truth era is going to require journalists to take their game to a much higher level if they want to regain credibility with readers who have come to distrust any source outside their immediate cybernews bubble. Travel writers could be a big part of the much-needed journalism revival. Nobody is in a better position to help show how interconnected the world has become in the past few decades. It’s an illusion to think that what happens in one country won’t affect many others.

“Nationalist policies espoused by a wave of new strong-arm bosses around the world could limit the freedom of travel we’ve come to take for granted and threaten progress on tackling climate change. Protectionist trade policies won’t encourage travel and tourism, and disastrous climate change won’t be good for business.”–Bob Berwin (Continue:  Sunday set: Eyes wide open – Summit County Citizens Voice)

Can we #keepitintheground please?

GR:  Face it folks our world needs citizen action now–now.

Conservation groups challenge planned fossil fuel leases on public lands in Colorado

Summit County Citizens Voice Staff Report:  “Conservation groups are challenging the Bureau of Land Management’s plans to auction fossil fuel leases on 20,000 acres of public land in Colorado based on concerns about air and water pollution, and potential harm to imperiled species ­— including threatened Colorado River fish such as the Colorado pikeminnow and razorback sucker, and plant species such as the parachute beardtongue.

“The administrative protest also says the BLM failed to consider climate impacts. If the leases are developed, it could result in 31. million tons of greenhouse gas emissions.

“It’s irresponsible for the BLM to issue new fossil fuel leases on public lands without considering the impact that extracting and burning these new sources of dirty energy will have on the climate,” said Diana Dascalu-Joffe, a senior attorney with the Center for Biological Diversity. “Given the recent election result, the Obama administration should move immediately to halt new leasing on public lands to preserve his climate legacy.”

“The protest called on the Bureau to halt new leasing of fossil fuels in the proposed area, asks that the agency’s Dec. 8 auction be halted due to its failure to consider impacts of fossil fuel extraction on rivers and streams that feed the Colorado River.

“The Bureau also failed to consider the long-term impact that opening these new leases to development will have on climate change. Recent studies have shown that existing plans for fossil fuel development would lead to global temperatures increasing above the 2 degree Celsius limit targeted by the Paris climate agreement.” — Bob Berwin (Continue reading:  Can we #keepitintheground please? – Summit County Citizens Voice.)

For your Consideration, Madam President

GR:  Video post.

Source: For your Consideration, Madam President

Ecological Special Forces

GR.–No guns and bombs.  We need commando units specializing in background investigations and exposure of perpetrators of ecological harm.  Let’s have more hacker gumshoes working for nature.  We need more ecological whistleblowers and we need more support for whistleblowers.  And we need more organized legal representation for nature (the link takes you to a list of organizations and resources for nature protection).

Deep Green Resistance.–

“The planet needs commandos”

“It wasn’t until the 1940’s that what we think of as the “commando” or special forces units were standardized by the British Army. With the goal of disrupting German forces in western France and later in the Mediterranean and North Africa, the first commando units were modeled on small groups of Arab fighters who had great success pinning down much larger British Army units during the uprisings in Palestine in the 1930’s.

“These units proved to be very effective during World War II and have since become a staple of modern warfare. Today, the U.S. empire largely projects military force through targeted special forces operations and bombing campaigns, rather than outright warfare and traditional military maneuvers.

The Case for Ecological Commandos

“Our planet is on the verge of total ecological collapse. Nothing is getting better. Governments and corporations continue business as usual while every day, carbon dioxide levels rise, forests are cut down, and 200 species are driven extinct. Forty percent of all human deaths can be attributed to pollution. Ocean fish may not exist by 2050.

“Even in ecological preserves, life is suffering; there has been an 85% decline in mammals in West Africa’s parks. Major dams continue to be built. Environmentalists are being murdered around the world. African lions are in precipitous decline, as are tigers, leopards, elephants, polar bears, rhino, and countless other species. Most of the species who are driven extinct haven’t even ever been described by western science; they slip into extinction with barely a ripple.” –Deep Green Resistance.  Ecological Special Forces: A Proposal | Deep Green Resistance Blog

Peace park proposed for Karen State, Myanmar- DVB Multimedia Group

Proposed Nature Sanctuary/Park in Myanmar

KESAN hopes the introduction of the Salween Peace Park will also stop logging concessions in the area, which cause irreparable damage to wildlife and the environment.  Source: Peace park proposed for Karen State- DVB Multimedia Group

Salawin River

Salawin River

Click for Photo Source


US Oil Sands announces slow down and lack of funding! USOS STOCKS plummet!

June 27, 2016:  Utah Tar Sands Resistance is hopeful about the real impact of the recent announcement by US Oil Sands of the scale down of their plans for tar sands strip mining at PR Springs Utah. All beings will continue to gain from the existence of this remote ecosystem and the preservation of this historic source of spring water.  From: www.tarsandsresist.org

Consider joining a tar-sands protest vigil in June.

One More Time – Here Is A Video That Tells It Like It Is When It Comes To The Serious Threat This Thing Government Reps Call “Biodiversity Offsetting” Poses To Niagara’s Natural Wetlands

GR:  Experience has taught me that most governments represent business interests dominated by desire for short-term profits and growth-at-all-costs.  When individuals take public office, their new power over the wealth of the people elevates them to the society of investors and developers. Rather than becoming advisers that help the wealthy control their avarice, they become students and tools of the wealthy.  Whatever original thoughts they had about stability and sustainability fade away. There are exceptions, but they are rare and fleeting.

The only solution is heavy public participation and opposition to development proposals.  Without overwhelming threats from large numbers of people, individuals in governments will be most strongly influenced by their new society—the rich and ambitious.  Activism is the answer.

The following is by Doug Draper.

“The Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority – a government body created by the Province of Ontario decades ago and stacked with board members appointed by municipal governments in the region – is floating the idea of destroying at least some of that’s left of Niagara’s natural wetlands to make way for more development.
Only about 10 to 15 per cent of Niagara’s wetlands – vital to the survival of many birds, fish and other wildlife – remain in Niagara and a regional ‘Conservation Authority” is now looking at “offsetting” to make way for development. Photo by Doug Draper

“Only about 10 to 15 per cent of Niagara’s wetlands – vital to the survival of many birds, fish and other wildlife – remain in Niagara and a regional ‘Conservation Authority” is now looking at “offsetting” to make way for development. Photo by Doug Draper

“The NPCA says it is thinking of taking this idea to the provincial government for approval under the guise of something called “biodiversity offsetting” which involves (as best as one can determine from an explanation offered by Conservation Authority’s chief administrative officer Carmen D’Angelo at a public meeting this January) replacing some wetland for development and replacing it somewhere else with something the same or similar that someone would construct.
More than 200 citizens attended the January meeting, many of them to express their concern or outright opposition to the idea. And when one citizen asked NPCA representatives flat out for a definition of “biodiversity offsetting,” one Conservation Authority member stood to say they do not yet have a full definition of the term.” niagaraatlarge.com

Inside the US agency charged with killing a ‘mindboggling’ number of animals

“Wildlife Services funds the lethal control methods, but they don’t fund the nonlethal,” says Fox. “That in and of itself disincentivizes nonlethal methods, and incentivizes the reliance on the federal government for predator control. The reliance on an agency for that kind of subsidy is really, really hard to counter.” www.theguardian.com

GR:  The policies of the U. S. Department of Agriculture’s Wildlife Service demonstrate the way American land-use agencies place the interests of ranchers first and the interests of wildlife and the land second. It is clear now that as long as land managers must fear politicians controlled by special interests such as the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (http://bit.ly/1Nkudid), and the National Livestock Producers Association (http://www.nlpa.org/), there can be no safety for wildlife and its habitats.  Of course, the destruction of nature by its appointed stewards is not limited to America; human governments worldwide conduct it. Will we ever see a government created for the good of the Earth and all its creatures? In the midst of the great human-caused mass extinction, it appears that we will not.

I write EcoSciFi, science fiction with an ecological theme. Here’s an idea for a story about the future of nature conservation:    As the destruction of wildlife becomes apparent to all people, privately funded wildlife-protection militias embedded with the animals will spread. Local governments will oppose these defenders of nature, arms manufacturers will sell to both sides, and violence will escalate. Humanity will have created another force behind its descending spiral to oblivion.

Activist calls for removal of leg-hold traps on public lands

Trapping, hunting, livestock grazing, logging, mining, and more are the ways that public land is used. Not for the sake of the land or its creatures, but for the benefit of one species. And not even in the best interests of that species, land use of the public land has never been sustainable; it has always been destructive. Our schools do not tell our children about nature, and our leaders whose “beliefs” are determined by the finances of special interests deny it. A century and a half ago, Humboldt, Thoreau, Marsh, and others recognized and alerted us to the demise of nature in the name of progress and profit. Blocked by our leaders, the message has been repeated by Leopold, Abbey, Wilson and others whose wisdom is no match for human avarice and impatience.

Exposing the Big Game

Activist calls for removal of leg-hold traps on public lands


Z Jacobson of Santa Fe walks Friday with her dogsNoodles on Dead Dog Trail off Old Buckman Road, where Noodles got caught in a trap. The experience has turned Jacobson into an activist, with a goal of banning leg-hold traps on public lands. Luis Sánchez Saturno/The New Mexican

Posted: Saturday, December 12, 2015 

Z Jacobson was hiking with her dogs, Noodles and Lulu, and a friend along a new trail off Old Buckman Road in the Santa Fe National Forest on Thanksgiving Day.

It’s ominously called Dead Dog Trail, and it leads to the top of the Caja del Rio Plateau. Jacobson’s friend had helped build it, and she was interested in touring a couple of canyons along the way said to contain rock art.

During the hike, they walked over to a cliff and were admiring the view when…

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