Demonstrate for an End to Global Warming

Climate-change demonstrations show our leaders that we want them to take steps to stop global warming. We must also ask our leaders to change the human activities that are causing climate change.

  1. We want them to block corporate control over our government and the decisions it makes.
  2. We want them to end international sales of weapons and begin to encourage peace and a focus on life style and resource use.
  3. We want them to discourage unsustainable resource harvests.
  4. We want them to encourage human rights and equality.
  5. We want them to speak out for wild animals and natural ecosystems.
  6. We want them to call for restoring the damaged lands and seas.
  7. And finally, we want them to oppose gender inequality and overpopulation.

Even if we stopped burning fossil fuels today, activities causing climate change would continue. Farming, deforestation, industrial fishing, desertification, construction, and growth of the human population would continue to waste the Earth and release CO2 and other greenhouse gases.



Bernie Sanders: Climate Change Causes Terrorism

In the Democratic debate Bernie Sanders continues to say that Climate Chage (global warming) is the #1 threat to America. During this debate Mr. Sanders was …from:

GR:  Good attitude from our best chance for a rational president (Sanders).  I say this in reaction to the politics-as-usual of our past presidents and current candidates that has exchanged half the living creatures on this planet for unsustainable human population growth.