Corr Syl the Terrible by Garry Rogers–Details & Description

Book Details

  • Title: Corr Syl the Terrible
  • Author: Garry Rogers
  • ASIN (Kindle) / ISBN (print):  / 978-1511694070
  • Format: Kindle eBook and trade paperback (131 pp)
  • Publication: Kindle: April 15, 2015  –  Print: April 17, 2015
  • Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
  • Genre: Science Fiction, #EcoSciFi
  • Audience: Young Adult (teens)
  • Mood: Intense, Optimistic
  • Rating: PG (Violence (not graphic), but no profanity or erotica
  • Purchase: eBook $2.99, Paperback $12.99
  • Available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Neighborhood Booksellers

Garry Rogers Contact Information:

  • Email:
  • Phone: (928) 925-7191
  • Website:
  • Mail: PO Box 1011, Humboldt, AZ 86329-1011

Description of Corr Syl the Terrible

Corr Syl the Terrible is set on Earth, but in an alternate reality where sentient animals have evolved alongside Humans. Corr Syl is a member of the Tsaeb (silent T, long a) civilization. The Tsaeb are descended from various creatures and possess unique abilities that far outstrip Human capabilities, including the power to heal and adapt as well as the drive to live in harmony with nature.

In the wake of the July war, which shattered the long-standing peace between the civilizations, Corr Syl questions his role as a warrior, unsure if he can overcome his Tsaeb instincts for the preservation of all life. He is left little time to wonder when his friend and fellow warrior Rhya Bright is betrayed by the lynx descendent Able Remington. Corr tracks Rhya to the heart of the enemy Taoso nation ruled by the ruthless Minister Ya Zhōu, a Human who commands a secret network of Tsaeb spies and assassins.

Reactivating an ancient warcraft known as Z99, Corr sets out to save Rhya, who has her own plans for escape. Corr Syl the Terrible is the story of a brave young warrior who must decide if he is more than the swords he carries.

About the Author, Garry Rogers

Garry Rogers is an author and advocate for wildlife and nature conservation. His previous publishing experience includes his first novel, Corr Syl the Warrior, which has won several awards ( His recent Arizona Wildlife Notebook won the 2014 New Mexico-Arizona Award for best reference work. In addition, his research, university-press books, and peer-reviewed articles on historical landscape change have given him an in-depth understanding of human impacts on natural processes. The research and his nature conservation experiences ( motivated and informed his work on the Tsaeb civilization explored in the Corr Syl books.

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