Early Works

Ecology articles

These are a few of my favorite earlier articles.  Each links to a PDF file.

  1. with Jeff Steele. Sonoran Desert Fire Ecology.
  2. Mortality of Burned Cereus Giganteus.
  3. with John M. Robertson, William Solecki and Mary K. Vint. Rate of Myrica pensylvanica (bayberry) Expansion in Grassland at Gateway National Recreation Area.
  4. Comparison of Fire Occurrence in Desert and Nondesert Vegetation in Tonto National Forest, Arizona.
  5. with John M. Robertson. Henry Chandler Cowles, 1869-1939.
  6. with Mary K. Vint. Winter Precipitation and Fire in the Sonoran Desert.
  7. with Mary K. (Vint) Schmid. Trends in Fire Occurrence in the Arizona Upland Subdivision of the Sonoran Desert, 1955 to 1983.
  8. Asymmetrical Growth of the Crowns of Neighbouring Desert Shrubs.