News Digests for Nature Conservation

These are excellent news sources. My selections emphasize nature, but some cover politics, health, education, and other human concerns including the need to laugh.

News Sites

Fake News Sites

I’m including these news digests and information sources for the same reason I continue to publish blog posts–merely to inform (the last group, merely to entertain).

Nature conservation, a term meaning preservation of Earth’s intricate webs of plants and animals, was humanity’s great challenge for the Twentieth Century. Nineteenth Century naturalists had clearly explained that humans were having negative effects on nature (e.g., Andrea Wulff–The Invention of Nature). At the start of the Twentieth Century conservationists such as U. S. President Teddy Roosevelt began setting up institutions to protect nature. The Dust Bowl raised awareness of conservation among farmers and school children everywhere. However, we were never able to control ‘progress’ that motivating force that inch by inch converted nature into profit. The farmers, grazers, and loggers, eroded the soils, consumed the grasslands, and cut the forests. As this went on, the rest of us moved to the cities and left nature conservation to for-profit enterprises from the single farmer up through huge corporate farms and timber companies. Nature conservation faded from common knowledge. It is clear now that we are on our way to destroying most if not all of life on Earth.

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