Arizona #Endangered #Wildlife

#Extinction and Falling #Biodiversity This year, 2015, lethal heat waves and storms are making it clear that humanity is changing the Earth.  A growing majority of people in all countries around the world realize that they are conducting a worldwide … Continue reading

CDFW celebrates “Endangered Species Day” as it hastens species extinction : Indybay

You just can’t make this stuff up – a government agency like the California Department of Fish and Wildlife “celebrating” National Endangered Species Day when it appears to be doing everything it can to benefit agribusiness and other corporate interests … Continue reading

The Business of Endangered Species Management

Some governmental units in Oklahoma, object to the increased cost and would like the Burying Beetle removed from the endangered species list. Perhaps they should instead re-evaluate their development goals? Can they develop by infill of existing already developed areas instead? Do they really need to widen the current roads and bridges? Continue reading