Human Beliefs and The Ecocentric Alliance

The Future of Human Understanding of Nature If we come through global warming, overpopulation, and overuse of the Earth, our experience will have reforged our view of the world. I think we will have a clearer understanding of the limits … Continue reading

Human Mistakes: Deforestation

Humans have cut and burned forests for thousands of years. The delightfully moderate environments created by forests, the opposite of urban heat islands or the monotony of farms, are disappearing. In our own special way, we are fouling our nest, but unlike the birds, we are not cleaning up after ourselves. Continue reading

Billions to face ‘deadly threshold’ of heat extremes by 2100, finds study | Carbon Brief

In the current climate, around 30% of the world’s population get 20 or more days per year above the “deadly” threshold. This percentage is increasing as global temperatures rise, the researchers say, and will rise further through the century – depending on how successfully we cut our carbon emissions. Continue reading

Can “Regenerative Farming” Save Us From Global Catastrophe

According to food activist Vandana Shiva, “Regenerative agriculture provides answers to the soil crisis, the food crisis, the health crisis, the climate crisis and the crisis of democracy.” I would add that in addition to fixing our farming methods, we need to reverse population growth, allocate half the Earth for nature, stop generating greenhouse gases, clean up our environment, recycle, eradicate invasive species, and get at least one hour of exercise every day. But no hurry, as pointed out in this article, we have five to ten years to get ‘er done. Continue reading

685,000+ Send Comments in Support of Bears Ears National Monument

“Trump and Zinke need to listen to the American people for once instead of corporate polluters. The people have made it crystal clear that they stand with Bears Ears and in solidarity with the Bears Ears Inter-Tribal Coalition,” said Kieran Suckling, the Center for Biological Diversity’s executive director. Continue reading

Prescott, Arizona History: Prescott Used to Have Countless Prairie Dogs

The past decade’s droughts, storms, and spreading deserts show that humanity is changing the Earth. Research coming from many sources shows that worldwide animal extinctions are occurring 100 times faster than in Earth’s previous mass-extinction events recorded in the fossil record. Continue reading