Kariega Game Reserve photographic safari

Guests comment on a successful photographic expedition to Kariega Game Reserve.

By: Christian Boix and Brendon Jennings

“Africa Geographic Travel recently hosted the first of this years’ three fully booked photographic safaris at the always exciting Kariega Game Reserve in the Eastern Cape of South Africa. This trip was once more led by Brendon Jennings, Kariega Game Reserve’s very own specialist photographic ranger and guide.

“The trip was blessed from the onset by an eclectic mix of people, a medical doctor, a retired couple from New Zealand, an art teacher and a photo journalist. One of the things I enjoy most about trips like this is the shared experiences we have with people from vastly different backgrounds with the common interest being nature and photography.”– (Brendon Jennings)

Source: africageographic.com

GR:  Photography field trips are a great alternative to hunting trips.  Photography clubs everywhere should plan more outings, and they should share their plans with their local wildlife agencies (often called Game … agencies).  Obtaining a good photograph takes as much or more skill than killing with rifle or bow.

My Letter to Senator Baldwin and a Message To Anti-Willdife Democrats

Originally posted on Our Wisconsin, Our Wildlife:
Last week the Wilderness Act and wildlife partially dogged a bullet when the disgusting “Bipartisan Sportsmen’s Act” was voted down in the United States Senate.

Senator Baldwin, I am writing this letter to express my extreme and continued disappointment with your decision to vote for the so-called Bipartisan Sportsmen’s Act (S. 2363). This vote, and your support of the 2012 delisting of the gray wolf in the Great Lakes states, have lead many of us to either withhold or withdraw our support for you and the Democratic Party. More….

Take Action to Protect Wildlife

“The “Bipartisan Sportsmen’s Act of 2014” is harmful to wildlife and natural areas in many ways, and would force local land managers to give priority to trapping, hunting, fishing and shooting over all the other ways that Americans and their families enjoy Federal lands, such as hiking, biking, bird watching and kayaking. We all should be able to experience our public lands free from the dangers posed by the tiny minority of those who hunt animals. We also should be free to have those lands and wildlife protected from the dangers of lead poisoning (from lead bullets) — an issue this bill expressly forbids scientists from even considering.

“Take action to protect wildlife habitat by calling your U.S. Senator today. It only takes a couple minutes, but your calls and phone messages have a powerful impact with legislators. You can simply say….

For more than three decades, the Animal Legal Defense Fund has been fighting to protect the lives and advance the interests of animals through the legal system.

Source: org2.salsalabs.com

GR:  Our leaders should not risk harming Earth ecosystems. Without formal courses in ecology, they are susceptible to false arguments.  When we allow special interests to supply experts and offer campaign support, nonsense receives equal time. Errors are inevitable.  We have to take the action called for in this article, but we must recognize we are treating symptoms.  Let’s also look for ways to call for better nature education.

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Stop the execution of Siberian wolves

Here is the link to sign the Siberian Wolf petition to the Parliament of Latvia requesting an end to wolf killing.

Source: wiwildlifeethic.org

GR:  Herders and farmers see wolves as economic threats; hunters see them as competitors.  Neither group is interested in stable Earth ecosystems.  Perhaps Latvians need a better education like, uh, like….  Hmm, does any country require natural history and ecology courses in its school curricula?

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Director : Daniel M. Ashe: USFWS.: Ban Endangered African Animal Trophy Imports From Namibia.

Stop Corey Knowlton now! Sign the petition to the Fish and Wildlife Service.  Corey Knowlton has been granted permission for the hunt by Namibia ; United States Fish and Wildlife Service permit to import the black rhino is pending.
Only 1,750 black rhinos remain in Namibia. The world is horrified! You might remember when the deal was done at Dallas Safari Club.  Well, it is moving along.
Corey Knowlton, has killed 120 rare animals in the last 10 years , and he paid $350 thousand dollars for the rights to kill the black rhino.  His goal is to provide entertainment.  Read more from: secure.avaaz.org.

GR:  The same thing goes on here in the U. S.  This year the Arizona Game and Fish Department had to advertize to sell all the hunting permits it needed to sell.  Some of those permits are for animals that are doomed by approaching development.  They are going to become extinct anyway, so why not let hunters pay to kill a few.  The Department needs the money.

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The Hunting Lie


GR:  Sportsmen (hunters) tend to justify their desire to kill by claiming that their selectivity improves the wildlife.  As larger species worldwide approach the brink of extinction, the hunter’s lie is exposed by the fruit it bears.

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Wildlife Groups and Sportsman Petition End Lead Ammunition

Lead ammunitionPress Release:  Defenders of Wildlife.  Wildlife Groups and Sportsmen Petition Feds to End Lead Ammunition on Public Lands: Tens of Millions of Animals – from Doves to Condors – Poisoned by Lead Left Behind by Hunters

GR:  If the change made hunting and shooting less convenient, it still seems a small price for preventing such widespread accidental injury.

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