Justice Democrats (Just Us) Origin, Philosophy, and Progress

Justice Democrats Background

jdsharelogo1Here’s another good video that helps explain the goals and methods of the Justice Democrats. A little reluctant to use the term “philosophy” for fear of pretension (:-)), but there you have it.

I got an email back about my platform suggestion.  ” . . . we only have the skeleton of the full platform up on the website at the moment. We have some dedicated and driven people working on writing out the full extended version as I type, which will include more details into the environment and how we can all take care of it better” (— Haley Zink). The revised platform isn’t up yet, but given that the movement is only three days old, I’m satisfied to wait. Be sure to go to justicedemocrats.com and sign up.

Justice (Just Us) Democrats New Executive Director

Justice Democrats Appoint Bernie Sanders Campaigner as Executive Director

Saikat Chakrabarti from the Bernie Sanders campaign is the new Executive Director of Justice Democrats.  Meet him and learn more about Just Us structure and goals in this video:

Other members of Bernie’s team are joining Just Us.  With plans to take over Congress without corporate money, Justice Democrats are thinking big. They are actively seeking candidates that accept Bernie Sander’s ideals. Go to their website (https://justicedemocrats.com) sign up, and nominate the people you think will work hard to represent the true needs of Americans.

I would also appreciate your comments on my suggested addition to the Just Us platform. I haven’t had a response from the group yet, but it’s early. I am hopeful that when the staff has time, they will fully agree that protecting biodiversity and natural systems is necessary.

This link will take you to Saikat’s profile on LinkedIn.

Platform Addition for the Justice Democrats

Justice Democrats Platform Omission

Monarch butterfly at Coldwater Farm.

Monarch butterfly at Coldwater Farm.

I agree with the 20 items included in the Justice Democrats platform. My concerns for nature conservation lead me to suggest an addition.

Defend natural systems from damaging uses. The Earth’s reserves of fertile soil, dense forest, fresh water, and wild animals and fish are declining. Overuse driven by commercial exploitation and by simple need is stripping the lands and seas of life. Biodiversity is declining and ecosystems are collapsing. For the benefit of humanity and all other living creatures, we must insist on proper land use. We must insist that national land management agencies in all nations are empowered to monitor, repair, and regulate the use of the land, water, and life without which human life would be impossible.