Corr Syl the Warrior Science Fiction Stories, Scenes, and Facts

SciFi Stories, Scenes, and Facts

Corr Syl the Warrior_FrontCoverOn the Earth of the Tsaeb (silent T, long a, silent e), intelligence has always been present in higher organisms. Like seeing, hearing, and tasting, animals have always had self-awareness, complex emotions, memory, and foresight. Until science can provide an acceptable definition of intelligence that precludes non-human animals, I will continue to argue that everything involving the Tsaeb could have happened and probably did on an Earth in an Einsteinian universe somewhere. You can learn more about non-human intelligence here, and the Tsaeb civilization here.  License:  See footer.

Scenes and Stories from the World of the Tsaeb

Characters of Corr Syl the Warrior

Tsaeb Facts and History


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