Negotiation Is Over – Animal Rights Leadership Council

RT @defendanimals1: Animal Rights Leadership Council via @CamilleMarino

by Roland Windsor Vincent

Sometime over the next few months I hope to launch the Animal Rights Leadership Council (ARLC), which will be a non-profit dedicated to the recruitment, motivation, activation of activists and the development of and training of leaders for the Animal Rights movement.

No single organization reflects the Animal Rights movement. Most are animal protection and rescue groups. Even the largest and most influential, such as HSUS and the ASPCA, are not the Animal Rights movement. They make strides in animal welfare, and even greater strides in raising public awareness, but the Animal Rights movement is the sum of all of us working on animal issues in the US and around the world.


GR:  The success of new organizations depends on luck the persistence of the founder. Let’s all wish Roland the best.

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