Report offers cold, hard truth about global warming – Summit County Citizens Voice

GR:  Floods, droughts, extinctions, and human intraspecific conflicts will all increase as the CO2 now in the atmosphere traps heat and slowly warms the land and sea.  Failing to control the causes increases the liklihood of a great collapse that takes away our civilization as well as much more that is unique and beautiful.

By Bob Berwyn

“The Paris climate agreement will likely be triggered into force within the next few weeks, which marks the beginning — not the end — of an intense effort to try and cap global warming before the planet is overwhelmed by heatwaves, droughts and super storms.

“Governments and citizens need to rapidly ramp up efforts to cut greenhouse gas emissions, a group of scientists said this week, releasing a new report showing that the climate pledges made toward the Paris agreement won’t do the trick.

“The INDC’s are totally inadequate to meet the 2-degree Celsius goal,” said British scientist Sir Robert Watson, a former chair of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. “Governments must double and redouble their pledges,” he said, adding that it’s almost certain that the average global temperature will surpass the aspirational 1.5 degree goal as soon as 2030.

“Under the Paris deal, more than 190 countries agreed to try and limit global warming to less than 2 degrees Celsius above the pre-industrial level. Above that, climate change impacts could spiral out of control. And unless greenhouse gas emissions are cut immediately and in a big way, it’s likely the world will pass that 2 degree Celsius threshold as soon as 2050, Watson said.

“The report was prepared on behalf the Universal Ecological Fund, an Argentine-based NGO and was co-authored by scientists from Austria, Argentina, Brazil, Italy, the United Kingdom and the U.S.

“During a Sept. 29 teleconference, several of the authors said they released the concise document to give the public more information about climate change, making it clear that the Paris agreement is not enough to prevent catastrophic climate change, and spelling out what must be done in addition to the targets set under the deal.

“Even with all the support in the world, the pledges are not enough. We felt it was appropriate now to point out that we expect more of governments,” Watson said. “it’s important that the average citizen hears about this. It’s necessary to understand the science, and to understand what citizens need to do to make the Paris agreement work. Getting to the 2 degrees target takes action now, not in 15 years. There’s no time to lose.”  Source: Report offers cold, hard truth about global warming – Summit County Citizens Voice

South Australia’s nuclear dump plan – fool’s gold? – senior Liberal MP « Antinuclear

GR:  There are so many problems with nuclear power.  Efforts should be directed toward nonpolluting renewable energy sources.

“SA nuclear dump dreams just fool’s gold: senior Lib, The Australian, Sept. 29, 2016, by Michael Owen senior Liberal has broken ranks in what had been a bipart­isan approach to inquire into the potential for South Australia to host a repository for the world’s high-level nuclear waste, warning that taxpayers risked wasting money “on fool’s gold”.”

“Rob Lucas, a former state treasurer and the opposition’s Treasury spokesman, told ­parliament that intense political pressures would make it near ­impossible for there to be the ­required bipartisan support at both federal and state level for the necessary legislative changes to allow such a facility.”  Read the article at:  South Australia’s nuclear dump plan – fool’s gold? – senior Liberal MP « Antinuclear

Are U.S. Tax Dollars Financing Destruction of World’s Largest Mangrove Forest?

GR:  We US taxpayers just don’t quit!  We finance wars, subsidize fossil fuels, and sacrifice the environment for profit.  Our education system sucks, but we do have the most expensive health care and we do sell more arms and ammunition than any other nation on Earth.

EcoWatch:  “In conjunction with the Save the Sundarbans protest today at the UN’s headquarters in New York City, we’re revealing in this EcoWatch exclusive that Friends of the Earth U.S. obtained documents that suggest the U.S. Export-Import Bank, Ex-Im Bank, which is supported by taxpayer dollars, is considering financing the Orion-Khulna coal plant near the Sundarbans in Bangladesh.

“The struggle for climate justice in Bangladesh, however, did win an important battle in July. Responding to public pressure from advocacy groups, Ex-Im Bank is no longer considering financing for a coal plant proposed to be built outside Bangladesh’s capital city of Dhaka, one of the largest cities in the world. This coal plant, known as the Orion-Dhaka project, would burn coal just a few miles outside Dhaka, poisoning the air and water of 17 million people. While it remains unclear if the Orion-Dhaka project will move forward without U.S. financing, Ex-Im Bank’s withdrawal represents an important victory for protecting people and the climate.”  Read more at:  Are U.S. Tax Dollars Financing Destruction of World’s Largest Mangrove Forest?