Yellowstone begins transferring bison for slaughter

By Matthew Brown,

bison--yellowstone“Yellowstone National Park has begun shipping wild bison for slaughter as part of a plan to reduce the park’s population by as many as 900 animals this winter.

“More than 100 bison captured near the park’s northern border with Montana were removed from holding pens Wednesday, loaded onto trailers and shipped off, according to the Buffalo Field Campaign, a wildlife advocacy group.

“There were 4,900 bison in the park last summer. For more than two decades, officials have tried to curb the animals’ winter migration into Montana to guard against potential disease transmission to livestock.

“Park spokesman Al Nash confirmed the shipments of animals for slaughter, but said the number was fewer than 100. He declined to give a specific figure and said the park no longer plans to offer timely updates on how many bison are captured and shipped” (read more).

1 thought on “Yellowstone begins transferring bison for slaughter

  1. Why is it that people think killing innocent animals is the only solution to overcrowding ??People themselves have overcrowded this planet!

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